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  1. Some thoughts on philosophy and engineering education

    06 May 2016

    I am attaching two papers I wrote that were / will be published in a small publication sponsored by an ASEE division.  They won't see more public light for quite a while so I thought it might be worth sharing them since they overlap with many of our discussions.

  2. Nanoscience and PBL Resources for Teachers

    13 Jul 2015 | Contributor(s): Duncan Wardrop

    This document includes nanoscience resources separated by big idea. There are also resources based on the applications discussed in the 2015 RGS course and websites where you can purchase materials for nano activities. The PBL resources include examples, tools and articles. All of the resources...

  3. SLED 2015 Teacher and Student Research Powerpoint (grades 5-6)

    19 Jun 2015

    This PowerPoint gives what to expect regarding the SLED 2015-16 research for teachers in grades 5-6.

  4. SLED 2015 Teacher and Student Research Expectations PowerPoint

    19 Jun 2015

    This PowerPoint gives what to expect regarding the SLED 2015-16 research for teachers in grades 3-4.

  5. STEMEdhub: Supporting STEM Education Initiatives via the H U Bzero Platform

    07 Apr 2015

    Built as one of 60+ hubs on the HUBzero platform, STEMEdhub was developed in 2011 as a resource for research, education, and collaboration in STEM education. The hub currently supports 82 different groups. In this article, the authors describe two specific groups (SLED and AAU) that are taking...

  6. Teacher Reflection Template for 2014-15

    11 Nov 2014 | Teacher Reflections

    This is the SLED teacher reflection template for 2014-15.

  7. Research Activities 2013-14 PowerPoint Slides

    16 Jun 2014 | Downloads

    PowerPoint slides detailing SLED research activities during the 2013-14 and 2014-14 years.

  8. PBL to the Rescue: Using PBL in a Human Anatomy and Physiology High School Class

    17 Sep 2013 | Seminars | Contributor(s): Duncan Wardrop

    This one hour video presentation given by Brian Duncan, an Attica, Indiana Jr./Sr. High School science teacher. He presents his experience using PBL to teach Human Anatomy and Physiology High School class to the Research Goes to School workshop in Summer 2013. Be sure to look at the supporting...

  9. Biofuel Candle Comparison Lab

    20 Jun 2013 | Lesson Plans | Contributor(s): Duncan Wardrop

    This basic lab was developed to be used in a non-science classroom to help start student thinking about energy densities of different fuels in mathematical terms. The main objective is to get middle and high school math students to quantify observations of candles made from petroleum based fuels...

  10. Summer Institute Reflection Jim Lehman

    19 Jun 2013 | Teacher Reflections

    My reflection from the summer institute.

  11. Summer Reflection Jim Lehman

    19 Jun 2013 | Teacher Reflections

    This is my reflection from the 2013 summer institute.

  12. Design Team Developed: Plastic Water Bottle Design

    30 Nov 2012 | Lesson Plans

    This lesson plan, intended for grade 6, focuses on using mathematics to design the shape of a plastic water bottle to optimize the surface area to volume ratio and so reduce the amount of plastic used to make the bottles.

  13. Pill Bugs' Habitat Inquiry Activity

    11 Nov 2012 | Lesson Plans

    This is an inquiry activity, aligned to grade 4-6 standards, in which students design fair test investigations to determine the habitat of pill bugs (roly polies).

  14. Model Ecosystem Video

    04 Oct 2012 | Demonstration Video

    In this video, Professor David Eichinger discusses a model ecosystem activity that is used in Biology for Elementary Teachers and is applicable to the elementary classroom.

  15. Design Team Developed: Sun Tracking System for a Solar Panel

    13 Sep 2012 | Lesson Plans

    This lesson plan is designed for 6th grade and addresses topics related to the sun-earth-moon system. Specifically, this lesson addresses that seasons result from the tilt of the earth, which causes changes in sunlight intensity and length of day. Related mathematical standards address...

  16. Design Team Developed: Reindeer Habitat

    06 Sep 2012 | Lesson Plans

    This lesson plan is designed fro 6th grade and covers life science topics in science and are calculations in math. In engineering, the importance of using scientific and engineering vocabulary in explanations & justifications is emphasized.

  17. EDCI Strong Book Nook Fall 2011

    28 Mar 2012 | Lesson Plans

    Grade 6 lesson plan, engineering design process.

  18. EDCI Catapults Sp 2012

    28 Mar 2012 | Lesson Plans

  19. EDCI Rollercoaster Energy Spring 2012

    28 Mar 2012 | Lesson Plans

    EDCI lesson plan about potential and kinetic energy.

  20. Cooking with the Sun - Creating a Solar Oven

    17 Feb 2012 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Duncan Wardrop

    RGS Summer 2011 Supplemental MaterialFor this activity, students will be given a set of materials: cardboard, a set of insulating materials (i.e. foam, newspaper, etc.), aluminum foil, and plexiglass. Students will then become engineers in building a solar oven from the given materials, keeping...