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  1. Slow Boat

    11 Jun 2013 | Contributor(s): Bryan Hubbard, Alyssa Panitch, Tahira Reid, Kari Clase, Nancy Irene Tyrie, James Daniel Lehman

    This 4th grade design task lesson focuses on the concept of drag by asking students to develop ways to slow down a boat.

  2. Design of a Door Alarm

    10 Jun 2013 | Lesson Plans | Contributor(s): David C Eichinger, Erin K Doherty, James Daniel Lehman, Venkatesh Merwade

    This grade 4 design task helps students learn about simple circuits by designing a door alarm.

  3. Exploring Whirligigs

    09 Jun 2013 | Lesson Plans | Contributor(s): Brenda Capobianco, James Daniel Lehman

    This inquiry lesson, for grades 3-4, involves students conducting a fair test investigation to determine the way an object (a whirligig) falls through the air and how this fall depends on its mass, surface area, and other factors. This lesson is an adaptation of a lesson developed by...

  4. The Case of the Pilfered Pin

    29 May 2013 | Lesson Plans | Contributor(s): James Daniel Lehman

    This is an inquiry activity for grades 3-4. Students must measure temperature, mass, and length in order to solve a mystery.

  5. Pill Bugs' Habitat Inquiry Activity

    11 Nov 2012 | Lesson Plans | Contributor(s): James Daniel Lehman

    This is an inquiry activity, aligned to grade 4-6 standards, in which students design fair test investigations to determine the habitat of pill bugs (roly polies).