Deliverology in Ethiopian Higher Education as a Quality Management Tool: Critical Review and the Insider's Reflection

By Teklu Tafase Olkaba1, Ewnetu Hailu Tamene (contributor)1

1. Jimma University

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The concept of deliverology as a systematic process for driving progress and delivering results in government and the public sector, was endorsed in Ethiopia in 2017 for the purpose of quality management in Ethiopian public universities. The impetus of this reflective review article is to examine the essence of deliverology as a quality management tool in Ethiopian higher learning institutions as a response to graduate unemployment. In Ethiopia, different reform strategies were endorsed in higher learning institutions such as: program diversification, modularization governance reform strategies and currently deliverology as a quality management tool. This paper critically reviewed the Ethiopian higher learning institutions experiences and the essence of deliverology from its inceptions to the current implementation in Ethiopian public universities. The findings portray that deliverology as strategy for quality management is not conceived in Ethiopian higher education community at large and reality on the ground is different from the literature developed on the science of deliverology.


The Authors acknowledge Jimma University


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