How People Learn Engineering Workshop

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This video series describes the process of how people learn Engineering. Please choose from the available video sessions by clicking on the title below.

Introductory Sessions:

Introduction to RREE II & How People Learn Engineering

Questions for Determining a Researchable Question

Scientific Research in Education

Your Research Design

What's My Research Design

How People Learn +1 Framework

Advanced Sessions:

Complex Model of Instructional Interventions

Historical Development of major Theories


Workshop facilitators include:

Dr. Marilla Svinicki, Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Texas-Austin

Dr. Jim Pellegrino, Distinguished Professor in Psychology and Education, University of Illinois-Chicago

Dr. Wendy Newstetter, Director of Learning Sciences Research, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Tech

Dr. Ruth Streveler, Assistant Professor of Engineering Education, Purdue University

Dr. Barbara Olds, Associate Provost for Educational Innovation and Professor of Liberal Arts and International Studies, Colorado School of Mines

Dr. Ron Miller, Director of the Center for Engineering Education and Professor of Chemical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

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