Why Other People Gain More Instagram Followers Than You

Do you have your own Instagram account but you do not have a lot of followers and you really want to have more? That is actually a dilemma for many people who wants to become popular on different social media platforms. Sometimes you would ask yourself how come other people can get thousands or even millions of followers and you can hard make it to a hundred. To help you achieve the number of followers that you want, let me share with you what others do to become popular on Instagram.

They share exciting Instagram stories

We are all inclined to know interesting life stories and most popular Instagram users gain their followers by sharing their interesting stories on Instagram. People with the greatest number of followers do not actually exert a lot of effort with their posts because they only share what is real and natural for them. if you want to be like them, there is no need to post hundreds of photos in a day to account all your activities. You can simply choose the best photo or video of your day that says your entire story and make the caption says it all.

They are active in liking and following other accounts

If you create your Instagram account but you are not an active user, then do not expect to gain followers. Influencers become popular because they are active with their social media accounts, not just on posting, but also on liking and following other accounts as well. It is important to really socialize on this platform because that is the essence of using it. So, if you want people to show interest on your posts, start liking and following other people’s accounts, too. The Lightninglikes.com website says that you need to be more active on Instagram to gain followers.

They are linking their Instagram account to another social media platform

Apart from being active on their Instagram account, most followed people also use other social media platform like Facebook to get in touch with others. They actually sync their accounts so that their posts will be shared on both platforms, making their posts visible to more people. If you are not doing this, then you should start doing it now. You should be active on both accounts and post real and interesting photos and videos for people to see and appreciate. Do not forget to connect both platforms so that it will be easier for you to post.

If you follow all these and add a little more creativity and authenticity to your posts, I am sure that in no time, you will gain the followers you deserve. Do not forget to always be true with your posts and put your heart into it. That way, people will feel your emotions through the photos and videos you share.

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