7 Things You Should Know About A Gap Year

Taking a gap year before college is a wonderful idea for anyone after high school. However, there are various concerns that might encourage having mixed feelings about the experience. Perhaps this is preventing you from taking the plunge. Well, this article is prepared to give you things you should know about a gap year. Understanding these will make your decision making easier.

Continuing with education
Taking a gap year gives students and parents alike a lot of concern regarding missing regular classes. Fortunately, students who take a gap year perform significantly better compared to those who never take the plunge. Taking a gap year will make you more prepared, social, and engaged academically. You are obviously going to be more willing to learn once you arrive at campus.  

Taking a gap year program not related to your major
College policies and deferral process regarding majors and transfer of credits have no absolutes. You will discover that colleges are usually flexible. These are usually willing to work with students who take a gap year to accommodate adjustments in majors or undergraduate programs. All it takes is taking the initiative to reach out to your college to ensure everything is in order for your enrollment.

Gap year scholarships and other financial aid
Bodies like the Rotary Club offer financial assistance or scholarships to make taking a gap year affordable. There is also a chance of finding grants to make a gap year experience affordable. Ensure to find an organization with the best gap year programs abroad  to match your requirements. The ideal program is structured and affordable.
Additionally, some colleges now offer stipends for supporting students who prefer to pursue a gap year. You can also raise funds to fiancé the gap year by working or freelancing. Lack of appropriate funds is not an excuse to miss the various benefits of a gap year. Other ways to raise money for a gap year include:
1)Working abroad
3)Doing a clinical trial
4)Working as a film extra
5)Asking friends and family
6)Frugal living and cutting costs

When to apply to college
Perhaps you are having mixed feelings about whether to apply for college before or after the gap year . Well, the rule of thumb is to apply as you normally would. This allows selecting a college and paying a deposit to ensure a position before the deadline. Seniors considering a gap year begin thinking about it in the last semester. To understand the deferral process and appropriate policies, ensure to check with the school.
Keep in mind that each college has a unique process despite some similarities. You have to understand how this works for your choice of college. Perhaps you can apply to college in the first portion of your gap year. This can happen because of various situations including:
1)Still raising funds for college  
2)Delay during the college application process
3)Failure to understand what to study in college
4)Unsuccessful acceptance to your preferred school

Right time for a gap year  
A gap year is a period to participate in various activities with the possibility to break the period into segments like college semesters. This allows getting the most from your experience. Engaging in a single long term activity or program becomes boring. You have to work with a reputable organization to structure a gap year with a range of experiences matching your goals and interests. Some of the activities to consider during a gap year include:
6)Volunteer opportunities

Application to college and taking a gap year
Colleges and universities have a positive attitude towards students who take a gap year. These acknowledge the immense benefits of the gap year experience to students. Finding a dream school that supports your decision to take a gap year is a breeze. Such a school will support your passion after admission and strive to achieve educational goals.  

Achieving these usually requires taking a gap year  which is beneficial to your maturity and intellectual growth. A wonderful school will appreciate your alternative and experiential learning experiences. So, including your gap year experience will make you stand out. It will also give you a sense of purpose to thrive in college.
Benefits of a gap year
1)Cultural immersion
2)Learning a new language
3)Developing new life skills
4)Living life to the fullest
5)Boosting job prospects
6)Having friends and making lifelong friends  
7)Learning away from the boring classroom

In a nutshell
Taking a gap year after high school comes with immense benefits. There are various ways to fiancé a gap year including getting a scholarship from organizations like the Rotary Club. The gap year experience is a wonderful moment to engage in various activities including internship, volunteering, and adventure. The most significant benefit of a gap year is standing out during college application and in the job market.

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