Netflix Wants Data of People Watching Shows on the Go

It takes all sorts to make this world. Keeping that in mind there are people who watch Netflix even as they walk. It appeals to Netflix there’s a niche audience that watches the streaming service literally on the go and it wants that data to provide better quality videos to its viewers.

Netflix is toying with the idea as to how to furnish better video playback for people when they're physically moving. It’s testing ways to provide its viewers with a better video watching experience. However, there are only some accounts included in the test with no plans to offer it to the general public just yet.

Netflix is Watching You!

When Season 2 of the company’s original series “House of Cards” debuted across the world, Netflix’s engineers sat around a conference table in the company’s War Room. Why? To track each and every of Netflix’s 40 million subscribers tuned in to watch what power-hungry Vice President Frank Underwood’s next move would be.

Netflix monitors everything you watch and how often you watch. That’s how it knows what to offer its subscribers. By keeping track of viewing habits they come up with valuable analytic data to better understand what sort of shows or movies their customers are looking for. And that helps the company develop more original content, not to forget to understand what to finance.

House of Cards was a big bet for the company because experts understood their viewers like political dramas & serials, they are fans of Kevin Spacey and that they like David Fincher. The bet paid off. Around 16 percent of viewers sat through at least one episode of “House of Cards” in 24 hours after Season 2’s release with 3.6 percent watching all first five episodes. At least one viewer watched all 13 episodes in 13 hours with only three minutes of break time. If you want to binge-watch shows on Netflix get AT&T Internet or Buytvinternetphone and enjoy your series without any buffering or lag.

Essentially, Netflix is looking to predict an individual’s movie preferences through data they will gather. A data-driven company, Netflix goes far beyond views when it comes to analytics; in fact, they go much deeper. They don’t go for new content at random or whoever they can get a license with. That’s why analytics is helping Netflix become a better business and service.

Analytics and Netflix

Analytics provides insight into customer behavior. Companies can thus optimize their marketing to deliver a better product. Without data you wouldn’t have a clue about your customers – their age, ethnicity, where they come from and what they love watching etc. It is this kind of data that a company needs to make more informed decisions and provide better service to its clients.

How Does Netflix Use Analytics?

With 130 million streaming subscribers worldwide Netflix has a large user base, which allows the streaming service to gather an incredible amount of data. This quantitative data allows it to make better decisions for the ultimate goal - to improve customer satisfaction.

As far as traditional television networks go their broadcasting ratings are based on just approximations, they tend to go ahead with a pilot based on tradition and intuition. However, Netflix works in a different way. Being an internet company Netflix knows its customers. If you’re watching a series, to a large extent, Netflix can tell at what rate users completed watching it. The kind of question people at Netflix could therefore ask would be “How many users who started from season 1 of Suits took it to the end of the season?” Let’s say, for argument’s sake, it was 70%.

Other questions they may ask would be “What was the cutoff point for users? What happened to the other 30% viewers? Who watched one episode, and when did they watch the next one? All these questions source great insights into the overall viewer engagement.

Netflix gathers this data to understand viewer engagement at a far greater level to almost pinpoint accuracy. For instance, if 70% of users watched all seasons available of a scratched show that may provide a reason to restart that particular offering. What they’re banking on is there may be a good chance users will watch the new season if offered again.

What Does Netflix Track?

  • When you pause, rewind or fast forward
  • What day you watch your content (Netflix has found people watch TV shows during the week and movies during the weekend)
  • The date you watch
  • What time you watch content
  • Where you watch (at home or office)
  • What device you use (tablet for TV shows, Roku for movies, Just for Kids feature more on iPads, etc.)?
  • When you pause and leave content and if you finish watching it
  • The ratings are given
  • Searches
  • Browsing and scrolling behavior
  • Netflix also gathers data for movies. For instance, they take various “screenshots” to understand how far you really are into the movie. They even know what kind of scenery you may like to help Netflix establish content for the user.

This is how Netflix makes informed decisions based on data. What analytics and data do is provide insight into your customers so you can improve upon your service or product. Companies and organizations with data will always have an advantage over those who run on just intuition or draw only upon tradition.

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