Scholarship Application Editing Services

Scholarship Application Editing Services

Scholarship selection committees place more emphasis on the scholarship essay than admissions officers place on the college essay. Often, there are only one or two large cash prizes per scholarship and hundreds of applicants, making scholarships much harder to win than admission to a top school. After all, Harvard will admit 1600 students each year while many scholarship organizations only award the top few finishers.

Moreover, scholarship committees look for more than just grades and test scores. With scores or even hundreds of applicants for every cash prize, your essay must embody exactly the goals of the scholarship organization and must be flawless. These essays are often deeply personal, much more than mere recitals of past accomplishments. Your language must convince the scholarship committee that you, out of hundreds, are the most deserving applicant.

Needless to say, it is not easy to win thousands of dollars for simply writing an essay. However, most applicants are not nearly as careful or ambitious as the few people who are actually contenders for these scholarships. Scholarship essays require a great deal of thought and absolute attention to detail.

The editors have read hundreds of these essays and can help make your essay compelling, flawless, and personal. Simply click on a link to the left for more information on our editing services.

Our most popular service is our acclaimed service, which represents the most affordable, highest quality editing service on the Internet and returns your essays by email within 48 hours, or within 24 hours if you pay a small extra charge. This is perfect for most scholarship applicants, including international school students. While the service will suit most customers' needs, we also offer other excellent services, like the dissertation proofreading , just in case you need more or less tailored assistance.

Please click on a link in the upper left toolbar for more information on one of the five our editing services. If you are not convinced that our Harvard-educated editors can dramatically improve your essay, please use the right toolbar to consider reasons to hire  editors, to read our customers' comments about resume editing services editing, to read about our customers' overwhelming success in the application process, or to read samples of our work.

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