Custom Candle Boxes and Scented Candles - What You Need to Know


When you want to create custom candle boxes for your home needs, you might wonder what you have to choose from. You can make them yourself with some help from a craft person. Or, you can buy them already made in various sizes and shapes. These candles are also available in different scents and colors. It's not difficult to design one of these candle boxes from scratch. However, you can save some money by going with candle boxes wholesale online.

Candle kraft has been making boxes for candles for years. They offer custom candle boxes at reasonable prices. Can you imagine having candle boxes that look like custom candy store boxes, or those boxes that mimic Victorian candle boxes? These candle boxes are available for wholesale solutions.

A good number of candle wholesalers stock these custom candle boxes. Some of them can custom print your name on the boxes with matching fragrances. They offer many options to choose from. You could go with a simple blue box packaging, or you could add an antique pattern.

When choosing the boxes to stock for your candle business, it's important to think about how candles are kept.

 If you choose wooden boxes with custom printed fragrances and attractive corrugated boxes, your candles will be kept clean, but a few drops of water or wax will leak out. If you choose a clear plastic wrapping, the candle does not reflect any heat, so the wax does not melt. So, with this in mind, candle makers that want to keep their candles safe, choose custom candle boxes over regular cardboard boxes.

With most of the candle-making supply businesses online, you have the ability to look through thousands of candle boxes and choose the ones you want. When you choose your candle boxes, they usually offer free shipping. Free shipping usually requires a minimum order quantity. So, with your free shipping and a minimum order quantity, you can buy enough custom candle boxes for all of your candles at once.

Most of these candle manufacturers offer custom candle boxes in clear, dark, soft, medium, or premium woods. You can also find them in blue, pink, or green. Some of these companies offer free shipping if you meet a certain minimum order quantity. There is no minimum purchase amount, though, because you can usually mix and match the different wood shades that are available. If you have a few more candles than what is listed, they may charge you less per item. Some of these candle companies offer free shipping for an additional minimum purchase.

You'll find that there are many other candle-making companies that offer custom candle boxes and scented candles.

 They also offer other candle-making supplies including candle holders and jar tops. Jars come in all shapes and sizes, as well, from a basic clear plastic to the ornate and very complex glass jars with many different themes. If you want to give away a gift that will be highly appreciated, give them custom candle boxes or scented candles packaged in those beautiful custom boxes. They will be cherished for years and a perfect keepsake from your candle creations.

As you can see, there is a wide selection of custom candle boxes and scented candles, including several kinds of wood. Some of the woods include mahogany, cypress, teak, rosewood, maple, oak, and cherry. They come in many different stains and colors, as well. These companies specialize in giving you the highest quality packaging materials possible for your candles and are very easy to contact if you need any help or have any questions. If you haven't picked out custom candle boxes and scented candles yet, why not browse their website today and find out what they can offer?

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