Four Questions You Should Include on a Survey You Send Out to Your Donors

Learning about your donors can make all the difference if you run a non-profit organization or rely on regular donations to continue operations. It's not enough to accept contributions and move on. The goal is to keep them rolling in from existing donors and new supporters alike.

A survey to donors can provide valuable insights into the donation process. What you learn through surveys can help you shape your fundraising strategies, fine-tune the donation process, and remind your supporters that they are essential to your mission. Find the best software for survey to donors by visiting this website.

Need help crafting an impactful survey? Here are a few questions to ask.

Why Did You Donate Today?

Here's a fundamental question every donor survey should have. Everyone has their reasons for making contributions. In most cases, your mission affects them or someone they know.

Asking this question provides clarity. It gets into your donors' heads and helps you understand the broader impact of what your organization does. Who knows? You may even learn more about your mission or read stories that cement your cause.

What Part of Our Mission Appeals to You?

This question is similar to the last. But, it focuses on the detail that compelled them to provide a donation. It's about what sets you apart from similar organizations.

Maybe they liked how your organization communicated the mission, or they appreciated the support given to their particular community. The question asks the donor to connect the dots and lay out their thought processes.

Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

A survey to donors is a great way to address criticisms and resolve issues before they become a big deal. Organizations that accept contributions from donors tend to be under a microscope at all times.

A question like this lets you get ahead of the curve, spot potential issues in your operations, and be proactive about problems that could snowball.

How Much of an Impact Do You Feel Your Donation Has?

Finally, don't forget to ask how the donation makes your supporters feel. Ultimately, you want donors to give regularly. But that only happens when they feel they're making a genuine difference.

Your survey can expand on this question by asking what your organization can do to make them feel appreciated. Use answers to figure out how you can thank donors and encourage repeat contributions in the future.

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