Top New Features & Improvements in WordPress 5.7


This major version release of WordPress core includes 68 features and enhancements and feature requests, 127 bug fixes, and more. In addition, the 5.7 release bundles seven of the last major Gutenberg plugin releases into core functionality.


WordPress 5.7 represents Phase 2 of the Gutenberg project. In 2021, WordPress will be focusing on the development of WordPress core features with the goal of full site editing (FSE). According to the official WordPress roadmap, FSE should be in core by WordPress 5.8.


Let’s hit the highlights of WordPress 5.7 as you upgrade all your sites.


Tip: Did you know that you can view a “What’s New” page for the version of WordPress you are running at any time, not just after updating? To view all the features and highlights, just navigate to:


1. An Easier Way to Send Password Reset Emails/Links

If you are an administrator for any WordPress site with multiple users, chances are you may have gotten a frantic email requesting a password reset if a user has lost or forgotten their password.


WordPress 5.7 introduces a new feature that makes it easier for administrator-level users to send a reset password link to users.


The new Send password reset quick-link available from the Users > All Users page in your WordPress admin dashboard provides a helpful shortcut instead of having to actually edit the user’s profile to reset a password.


Once you click the new Send password reset link beneath the user’s name, they’ll get an email with a link to reset their password.


Just note that this feature does not directly change the user’s password; rather it sends them a password reset link via email so they are able to reset their password on their own.


Tip: Sending a reset password link is more secure than directly changing the password for the user. As a WordPress password security best practice, passwords should never be shared/communicated directly.

A new password reset option is also available from each user’s profile page. Just click the Send Reset Link button in the Account Management section.


2. Upgrade a Site From HTTP to HTTPS With a Single Click

A major pain point in migrating a WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS is the pain-staking task of manually fixing any hard-coded HTTP URLs to avoid mixed content warnings (like image URLs).


Thankfully, WordPress 5.7 has made switching a site from HTTP to HTTPS a one-click move. WordPress will now automatically update database URLs when you make the switch!


Here’s a great demo of how this new feature works from Felix Arntz.


The new WordPress HTTPS detection and migration feature are available from the Tools > Site Health page.


If WordPress detects that HTTPS is already supported for your website, but your site address is not using HTTPS by default, simply click the update your site to use HTTPs button.


This will change all your site URLs to HTTPS. In addition, the site content will be migrated to the new HTTPS URLs.


3. Drag and Drop Blocks Directly From the Inserter Panel

As yet another improvement to the block editor user interface, now you can drag and drop blocks directly from the inserter panel to the spot where you want them in your post or page editor.


Before you had to click on the block you wanted to add it to the editor. This makes a great upgrade for placing blocks exactly where you want them in your content.


4. Custom Icon and Background Colors + Sizes for Social Icons Block

WordPress 5.7 introduces a handy way to customize the colors of your social icons using the social icons block. From the block settings menu, you’ll see a new option for Icon Color and Icon Background color.


You can also customize the size of your social icons using the new option in the block toolbar to small, normal, large, or huge.


WordPress social icons size

5. Font Size Support for the List Block

Need a mega list? Or a tiny one? Now you can customize the font size of your list directly from the block settings.


6. Button Block Percentage Widths

Now you can set widths in percentages for the button block. This new option is available from the Block settings panel in Width Settings.


This feature is especially helpful if you are utilizing double buttons for your CTAs.


7. New Full Height Alignment for Cover Block

WordPress 5.7 introduces a new control for full-height images. The cover block shows off this feature’s best implementation: you can use full-width image alignment, along with full-height, to fill the whole window.


Here’s a quick look at how full height alignment can be utilized for the cover block.


8. Font Size Support in Code Block

A new Typography option in now available for the code block so you can add custom font size for your code. This is pretty helpful if you utilize the code block to share code snippets on your blog and want to either increase or decrease the size of the text that displays within the code block.


9. New Vertical Layout Variations For Buttons

If your WordPress theme makes use of the new Block Variations API, you may see a new option to transform your button blocks with a vertical layout in addition to the default horizontal.Visit frisco woocommerce development company.

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