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PEER Women in Science Mentoring Program

October 9, 2019 

The Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) program is excited to announce the second cycle of the Women in Science Mentoring Program aimed at supporting the career development of women in diverse science fields.   

The 2019 PEER Women in Science Mentoring Program has chosen Tuberculosis (TB) in Asia as its area of focus and will support networks of female scientists conducting research on the development and uptake of effective tools and approaches for preventing, detecting, and treating TB.  We seek applicants from diverse academic backgrounds including but not limited to the behavioral and social sciences; public health and medical sciences; life and earth sciences; and computer, engineering or physical sciences.   

Applicants for this cycle of the program must be a citizen or resident based in: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, or Uzbekistan. 

The Women in Science Mentoring Program will support a one-year mentorship experience, which  includes professional training for both mentors and mentees. Additionally, mentees will be eligible to apply for competitive seed grants following the year-long program. Please note - mentors and mentees must apply for the program as a group, as PEER is unable to match participants. 

Further details about the program are attached and more will be available when the request for applications is released on Monday October 21, 2019 on the program website at will be due on January 10, 2020.

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BetterTogether/JuntosEsMejor Challenge for the Venezuela Regional Crisis

November 18, 2019 

The U.S. Agency for International Development and the Inter-American Development Bank are partnering for the BetterTogether / JuntosEsMejor Challenge, a global initiative to crowdsource, fund, and scale innovative solutions from Venezuelans, wherever they are, and innovators worldwide to support Venezuelans and host communities affected by the regional crisis.


On October 21, 2019, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Inter-American Development Bank launched the BetterTogether (JuntosEsMejor) Challenge, a global initiative to crowdsource, fund, and scale innovative solutions to support Venezuelans and communities that host them across Latin America and the Caribbean.  It aims to help rebuild and strengthen communities, as well as enable and empower Venezuelan voices, by providing them with tools to create better lives for themselves.  BetterTogether can fund solutions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Panamá, Perú, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela.
For BetterTogether/JuntosEsMejor to succeed, I need your help to get the word out about this Challenge, and to help us select the best solutions.
Getting the word out:  Please tell your networks about BetterTogether/JuntosEsMejor.  We want ideas from the Western Hemisphere and from around the globe.  Attached is a fact sheet in English and Spanish about the BetterTogether/JuntosEsMejor Challenge.  The website for the challenge is
Serving as a judge:  We will need expertise to help us identify the best solutions.  We need judges from across the Agency (any hiring mechanism) and external experts to help us evaluate concept papers and, later, applications.  We are looking for judges with the following qualifications:

  • Regional expertise;
  • Conflict and peace-building knowledge;
  • Technical expertise; and
  • Reading proficiency in English and Spanish.

We anticipate proposed solutions will touch the full range of USAID’s work, including workforce and talent; supporting civil society and community-engagement; entrepreneurship; food security and agricultural production; strengthening value and supply-chains; administrative services; basic social services, including education, health, water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH), and energy; connectivity and mobility; remittances and cash transfers; access to finance; and digital solutions, among others.
Sign up to serve as a judge to be part of this exciting initiative and encourage others to do so.  Each judge will review at least 20 concept papers.  Each judge will receive a brief training on reviewing concept papers and a Judge’s Manual.

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SDSN Opportunities

November 19, 2019 

Numerous relevant opportunities, including calls for papers and fellowship opportunities for students.

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Teaching for Transformation , Zambia

November 8, 2019 

Concept notes dueDecember 12
Objective: Strengthen the capacity of Zambia’s pre-service teacher training institutions to improve student learning outcomes. 
Sub-Objective 1.1. Equip targeted College of Education and university faculty and lecturers with the skills and experience necessary to deliver effective instruction to teachers in training.  
Sub-Objective 1.2. Standardize, align, and link practical, evidence-based, pre-service teacher training and content with the primary school literacy curriculum. 
Sub-Objective 1.3. Equip pre-service teachers in Colleges of Education and universities with the professional skills necessary to deliver quality literacy instruction in primary schools.

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Customizable Hospital Furniture for the Smallest Babies in Malawi: A Potential Disruptive Innovation

April 23, 2019 

Blog featuring research by LASER PULSE Academic Director, Yuehwern Yih.
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R4D Conference - Uganda

May 6-8, 2019 

Improving the Effectiveness of the Research-to-Translation Value Chain.
  • The Inaugural LASER PULSE Research for Development (R4D) Conference.
  • Research sectors included basic education, food security, maternal/child healthcare, water.
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