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Research Translation

This webpage provides a list of some useful resources to help guide the research translation process. Here is a brief annotated bibliography of some of these documents:

   >  Annotated Bibliography of Selected Research Translation Documents (PDF)


Research translation concepts, approaches and models

  • Knowledge Translation: Introduction to Models, Strategies, and Measures. Sudsawad, Pimjai. National Center for Dissemination of Disability Research. Austin, TX. 2007.
  • Conceptual challenges in the translation of research into practice: it’s not just a matter of “communication" Young, D., & Borland, R. (2011). Translational Behavioral Medicine, 1(2):256-69. doi:10.1007/s13142-011-0035-1.


Research Translation Partnerships

  • Rethinking Research Partnerships: Discussion Guide and Toolkit Research & Evidence: Hilary Cornish (Christian Aid), Jude Fransman (Open University) and Kate Newman (Christian Aid). 2017
  • How can we strengthen research and knowledge systems in the Global South?: Reflections from INASP’s five year SRKS programme Harle, Jon. INASP: Research and knowledge at the heart of development. June 2018


Process and Translation Products

  • The Knowledge Translation Toolkit: Bridging the Know-Do Gap: A Resource for Researchers Bennett, Gavin and  Jessani, Nasreen, Editors. International Development Research Centre, Canada. SAGE Publications, Incorporated. June 2011
  • Making Research Findings Actionable: A quick reference to communicating health information for decision-making MEASURE Evaluation, December 2009 MS-09-39



  • Brownson, Ross C., Colditz, Graham A., Proctor, Enola Knisley (2018). Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health: Translating Science to Practice. Oxford University Press: Oxford, England.
  • Grimshaw, Jeremy M., Eccles, Martin P., Lavis John N., Hill, Sophie J., & Squires, Janet E. (2012). Knowledge Translation of Research Findings, Implementation Science (7:50).
  • McLean, Robert, K.D., Graham, Ian, D., Bosompra, Kwadwo, Choudhry, Yumna, Coen, Stephanie E., Macleod, Martha… Tucker, Joanne (2012). Understanding the performance and impact of public knowledge translation funding interventions: Protocol for an evaluation of Canadian Institutes of Health Research knowledge translation funding programs.Implementation Science (7:57).


Measuring Research Translation

  • An approach to measuring and encouraging research translation and research impact Searles et al. Health Research Policy and Systems (2016) 


Research Translation Blogs and Twitter sites 

  • LSE Impact Blog: A forum for those interested in increasing the impact of academic research on policy, society and business. @LSEImpactBlog 
  • Research to Action: Research to Action (R2A) is here to provide guidance and inspiration on how to bring development research into focus and into use. @Research2Action 
  • Alliance for Useful Evidence: The Alliance for Useful Evidence champions the use of evidence in social policy & practice, @A4UEvidence 
  • IDRC | CRDIInternational Development Research Centre / Le Centre de recherches pour le développement international. @IDRC_CRDI
  • The Center for Global Development: Independent research + practical ideas for global prosperity. @CGDev
  • Knowledge Nudge: A blog focusing on knowledge translation – synthesis, exchange, application & dissemination – from a health perspective. Topics include the science of knowledge translation, patient engagement, and media & dissemination.