East Africa Awards - D'Sa


Research Team


Nikhit D'Sa

Dr. Nikhit D'Sa

Senior Associate Director of Research, Evaluation, and Learning, Institute for Educational Initiatives, University of Notre Dame



Prof. Monica Fontana Abad

Senior Quality Assurance Advisor, Luigi Giussani Institute of Higher Education


Embedded Research Translation Lead:

Edison Nsubuga

Head of Education, Save the Children, Uganda


Project Information

Be Well, Teach Well: A Locally Defined and Participatory Approach to Measuring Teacher Well-being





Lead Institution:    

University of Notre Dame

Co-PI Institution:    

Luigi Giussani Institute


Save the Children, Uganda    

Ministry of Education and Sports, Uganda

Final Budget:    $236,936

Project Length:    21 months

Research Goals:

The aims of our research are to: (a) understand how primary grade teachers, in settlement and non-settlement schools, define their own well-being, (b) involve teachers in defining critical constructs that should be measured, and (c) co-develop and validate a contextually-appropriate tool.

Embedded Research Translation Product:

  1. a non-technical summary brief on the ways in which teachers define their own well- being, 
  2. a validated teacher well-being survey for use in Uganda, 
  3. a technical report of the validity and reliability of the survey, 
  4. and a webinar on the process-learnings from the research that could be applied to other contexts.

Embedded Research Translation audience:

Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES)