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  1. Sources of Variation - Wolf reintroduction, David Bos

    Biological question:•How has wolf reintroduction into the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) affected animals and plant at all tropic levels?oHelps students understand and apply the concept of... https://stemedhub.org/resources/1898
  1. Little Niche on the Prairie

    Students learn to create and analyze graphs associated with a published ecological experiment and the different ways of illustrating sources of variation in a complex data set to effectively... https://stemedhub.org/resources/805
  1. Use of case studies for practice in statistical test selection

    Multiple case studies covering a range of topics in biology are presented. Students then use an online decision tree to select the appropriate statistical test based on the information provided by... https://stemedhub.org/resources/1621
  1. Survey of basic understanding of statistics, experimental design, and cellular components

    This is an assessment of statistics, experimental design, and cellular components that has been used pre and post course for a cell biology class consisting mainly of biomedical and chemical... https://stemedhub.org/resources/1443
  1. Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy for Plant Biology and Agriculture

    Developed by Nicola Carraro and Wendy PeerObjective: Design a transferable module that combines quantitative data collection and design a transferable module that combines quantitative data... https://stemedhub.org/resources/1440
  1. Enhancing Experimental Design: Minimizing Confounding Factors

    Developed By: Allison Sieving and Marcia PoolBiological Question: The content of this module focuses upon refinement of the experimental designprocess and thus can be applied to a wide variety of... https://stemedhub.org/resources/1437
  1. Lab 4: Broader Significance and Real-World Applications

    Today's lab activity aims to integrate the knowledge you have acquired over the past three weeks with "real world" challenges and constraints that may accompany restoration decisions. Working in... https://stemedhub.org/resources/806
  1. Two steps forward: Interpreting results reported with scientific figures

    The focus of the module is on interpreting figures from the scientific literature. To do this, students must differentiate between categorical and continuous variables, identify the dependent and... https://stemedhub.org/resources/831
  1. Lab 3: Data Analysis and Interpretation

    In your writing assignment for Week 1 you generated at least one hypothesis and prediction for each of these questions. The writing assignment for Week 2 asked you to state the comparisons that... https://stemedhub.org/resources/808
  1. Lab 2: Plant Responses to Burn Season at Prophetstown State Park

    In this lab we will collect our own data on plant community composition in a recently restored tallgrass prairie site at Prophetstown State Park. We aim to compare the communities of two parcels... https://stemedhub.org/resources/810